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Lady Birds

I love it when the mind’s eye offers up a gift from the past in the form of an evanescent glimpse into a life gone away forever.  I especially love it when the flash is accompanied by a palpable sensation of the soft feel of summer air fluttering across your body.

Reading and lounging one evening after a long day, a single word transported me back 32 years to my dad’s ranch. It was literally a two second flash, but the sensations were thick and heavy, nesting me into their warm embrace. The bright afternoon sunlight warmed my skin while the gentle summer breeze  gently rustled the vast, emerald green alfalfa field, filling my nose with the sweet scent of rich grass. Upon each plant sat what seemed to be tens of ladybugs, teeming and bustling in their polka-dotted splendor.  Intoxicated by the copious amounts of red that surrounded me, I hurriedly tucked as many creatures as I could into my emptied jam jar.

And poof, it was gone, sucked back into the abyss of the memory but leaving me with a feeling of fleeting –but definite– warmth and joy.


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