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The last unit we taught in LP Land was titled “beliefs” which took us down the road of urban legends, religion, superstitions and all sorts of scenarios where you must suspend rational thinking and make that leap of faith.  While we were readying the dining room for Ali and Omer’s birthday  back in March , I thought back to the time surrounding the conception of our boys.  Whether you believe in kismet or not, the circumstances around that time were definitely curious, if not just a wee bit spooky.

The curious chain of events that started it was a  gift from Koray.  After seeing the original  necklace in the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations in Ankara, I eyed a replica made by one of my favorite jewelers.  Koray bought it on the spot to commemorate our anniversary.  The Hittite twin goddess necklace came into our lives quite literally just about the same time that Ali and Omer  split from one  zygote into two.

But the split could have also happened on our trip to Nova Scotia.  Just after renting a car and driving with L to their son’s house and being in the country for an hour or two, we were rear ended on the Bedford highway.  Quickly getting out to see the damage, we met the guy who hit us.  He just happened to be a very nice man who also happened to be a neonatologist teaching at the local university.  This didn’t seem like anything at the time since I didn’t know I was pregnant with twins who would arrive a month early, but after spending so much time with our own neonatalogist after the boys were born, the Haligonian car accident took on a new layer of meaning. We also joke about the timing of the hit…maybe it was the impact that split the zygote?

The final curious event was the purchase of a block print we bought at  a studio in Lunenburg.  In this picturesque fishing village  sits a lovely studio overlooking the water that sells Mi’kmaq art.  The piece we bought is titled, “Dancing in the Eye of the Moon” featuring two identical blue whales nestled together in a ying yang, embryo-like formation. We were drawn to it and  bought it almost immediately.

So, there was definitely a lot of “twinny” stuff going on around the time the boys made their first stirrings in the universe.  Whether it means something or not, it is fun to tell the narrative about the beginnings of a fun and wild ride with two sweet little boys.


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