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Life and its’ curve balls.  Not such a cliche after all.

On the way to the airport after a weekend at my favorite beach in the world, my good friends R and L  and I chatted about life, and systems, and how we can get too wrapped up in things that aren’t that important and that don’t really matter. We discussed how we must step out of what is comfortable and take a look at what we are doing and see what is really happening there. Perspective is not only important, it is crucial.

We often take for granted the lives that we lead. The fact that clean water pours freely from the tap, hot or cold, whenever we want it. The ease in which we have access to food.  The houses we live in. The right to vote.  The safety of our neighborhoods.  The right to have a voice.  The right not to be scared that the government will take a loved one away. And each other.  We take for granted the people in our lives.  Or even if we don’t take them for granted, sometimes we get so wrapped up in everything else, we forget that what is really important are those relationships and bonds that we create and maintain and nurture.  And even if you don’t take that for granted, I think we too often forget how delicate our lives really are, and that we really are just hanging by a thread.

My friend Tracy.  The first kid to approach me in my first scary days at public school back when I was in the 4th grade.

“Hey, I like your jeans.  I have the same pair.  Did you get them at The Bon?”

The first kid to be my friend at my new school.  My high school buddy. Sleepovers. Movies. Boys. Make-up. Parties. The Laguna. Picking rocks and pulling weeds. Shopping. Swimming. Silver purses. Babysitting at Aunt Mary’s.  Walk America. Homecoming. Legos and hockey sticks.  Prom.  Fights.  Christmas Eve gatherings. Bagel dogs.  Ol’ quick finger. College roommates. Costco runs. Dinners when I was stateside. Marriage.  Death.  Babies.  Laughter.  Lots and lots of laughter.

The last time I saw her, this summer, with her two little boys, I thought about how she had so easily slipped into motherhood.  So organized and together, as she always was really. As we sat there and watched our four boys frolic in the golden summer sun, running and screaming through the sprinklers, I thought about what a great mom she is, and how lucky I am to have a friend, a number of friends, whom I have known since  I was a kid.  A relationship so special with a  bond so strong that distance and time and life circumstances and choices cannot break it.

This weekend when I got the e-mail from another beloved childhood friend that Tracy was being flown to  a hospital in Seattle, that bond buried deep inside my cellular make-up welled up and took hold of my heart.  My friend, fighting for her life.  Images, conversations, memories dance across my memory and visit my dreams.

My heart aches for her and her family.  But she is a fierce, strong woman.  I have seen her do what needs to be done to get through difficult times and I know that she is doing the same right now.  She is a worker and a survivor, and she will survive this.

Reading her facebook wall this morning, tears welled in my eyes as I read the numerous messages posted there.  One post in particular captured that intensity that I am failing to relate here, so I will share those words that so concisely describe her spirit:

….ever since I heard what happened I’ve had one image in my mind. It was the 1992 volleyball season at Ki-Be. One of the team rituals for the season was “no ball will ever touch the floor.” Brandon was running you guys through an INTENSE practice. I distinctly remember you Tracy, near the point of exhaustion, absolutely screaming “NO BALL WILL EVER TOUCH THE FLOOR!” and then sprawling after a Brandon spike from the stand. You made the pass. I saw what a fighter you were. I saw your heart and your toughness and your courage. That’s who you are, and you’re going to fight this challenge now…and you’re going to win. You are in my constant prayers.

So, my friend, go to that place that makes you do what you do and pull out of this.  We are all waiting and cheering you on.


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