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I have been in school all of my life  either as a student or as a teacher, so I have always had summers off.  This post is an homage to that first glorious day of summer break, when the dog days of summer stretch out before you and life gets a little easier.

Sitting out in the sun, book in hand reading and supervising the inflatable pool party chaos, my mind wandered back to a first-day-of-summer memory with my good buddy T.

School let out on a Friday that year and we decided to have a sleepover at her house.  First on the agenda was to ride our bikes way up Horne, past The Red Apple market, and then back to her house.  Looking back on it, this probably wasn’t too far to ride, but we felt like we had biked half way across the state and back.  Time was no issue and the road beckoned us to keep pedaling and pedaling.  When we got back, we gorged ourselves on fresh cherries, which grow abundantly in Washington State, and watched TV until we fell asleep.  I don’t remember the other details, but I do remember that this was the summer that I realized just how special that first taste of freedom is.

Because summer has been good, and free, and mostly lazy,  it is just now that I am re-visiting this post I started back in July.  Summer vacation is coming to an end, and even though I am now a job-loving teacher, I still wish that summer could last forever and that I didn’t have to go back to school.


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