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A Poem

Up at 6 am

Crisp fall morning,

the bench is fuzzy with frost.

Muted autumnal tones shout out their presence

against the dark Atlantic waters.

My breath feels new and purposeful,

the sunrise beautiful in its peachy hues.

Neighbors, they just come

to be there, to be a part of it, to show gentle, silent support.

The ladder looms above us, capturing eye duct taped

at just the right angle. Back straight, head forward, hand positioned, let’s get it right this time.

click click click. I think we got it.

Toes tingle, tea steam evaporates  into milky cold.

How it is possible that loss can turn into

such heightened wonder?

How can this be?

The crows dance above our heads

in memory and celebration

of the red figure cradled in his nest,

and I remember.


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