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I’m Back

It has been some time since I have visited this space.  Too much time. I have a good excuse though. Life around here has been pretty intense and busy.  Well, at least it was up until a few weeks ago.  Things have settled into healthy pace that I hope  will last.  This past semester was  intense  with two broken arms, two surgeries to correct said broken arms, two anxious boys starting 1st grade at a school that isn’t the one we work at, Baba gone for 13 days to the bottom of the world and back, and, losing Rog.  This of course doesn’t mention work and homework and meetings and raising two active boys and…well, you get the idea.

Feeling rested,  today I ventured out into the city to meet up with a group of people to talk about writing.  Tucked away in a cozy little corner of the city with a view of the bridge and Bosphorus, we wrote, we work-shopped, we talked and we ate.  This was the first time I joined this writing group, but I felt right at home.  It was well-organized, the other members were smart and pithy and the host even had a writing prompt for us to scribble away at for a sweet twenty minutes of uninterrupted time. There was talk of writing and words,  laughter and food and I received some helpful feedback on my writing. What more could a nerdy English teacher ask for?

The prompt was to write a narrative poem about something in our day where there was conflict of some sort.  I struggled for a bit to come up with something, but then I remembered my morning walk, inspiration struck and the words flowed out.  I love it when that happens.

Just for some background before you read the poem, until the wee hours of this morning  Koray and I watched the recording of Rog’s celebration.  It was phenomenal, capturing and celebrating the spirit of my friend whom I miss so much.

So, without further ado…



Shoes on, earphones in,

I head out.

Cold air fills my lungs, finally.

I spot the bob, bobbing heads of daffodils, awakened early from their winter rest.

And I walk,

hands cold, basking in the chilling breeze.

Nudged into sight by a song,

a boat makes its way into my view, right there amongst the trees and the crows.

Be present, let it row, let him row, watch how he silently glides past me.

Stopped in the middle of the road, eyes brimming, heart heavy,

lifting my face towards the sky,

I smile.

And I walk.


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